In the world of crushing and screening equipment maintenance and optimisation, the question of whether a spare part is merely a spare part is pivotal. Jorge Abelho, Director of Technical Support at Pilot Crushtec, presents a compelling argument for the superiority of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts over aftermarket alternatives.

His insights reveal how OEM parts are not just components but critical cogs in the larger machinery system, driving down the total cost of ownership and enhancing production efficiency.

Pilot Crushtec’s commitment to optimising total cost of ownership for customers includes not only providing world class quality equipment but also the company’s approach to spare parts and components. “All spare parts should be engineered with a deep understanding of the machinery’s entire system, and we believe this holistic view is what sets OEM parts apart from aftermarket offerings,” Abelho says.

The key to Pilot Crushtec’s success lies in their commitment to quality and a comprehensive inventory. Every spare part is considered in relation to other machine components, ensuring optimal interaction and performance. This is possible thanks to Pilot Crushtec’s extensive knowledge of system mechanics, bolstered by continuous research and development aimed at finetuning performance.

“A striking example of OEM expertise is the inclusion of sacrificial parts in systems to shield more complex and expensive components. This level of nuanced understanding is often absent in aftermarket parts, potentially leading to costly malfunctions,” he explains. “Further, OEMs, unlike aftermarket suppliers, don’t just focus on high-demand parts but provide a full array of components essential for the machinery.”

Pilot Crushtec’s investment in R&D extends to the real-world monitoring and maintenance of their machinery. This hands-on approach enables ongoing improvement of parts including rigorous testing and adaptation to diverse operating conditions globally. Collaboration with other OEMs during the design phase further enriches this process, allowing for specialised input that optimises component interaction under various duty cycles.

The comprehensive approach of OEMs like Pilot Crushtec translates to parts that, while potentially more expensive upfront, offer significantly greater value in terms of machine performance and long term cost effectiveness. Abelho says customers are increasingly recognising this value, as evidenced by their own cost benefit analyses.

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