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Pumping slurry is a demanding task for any pump due to the abrasive nature of the materials involved. The wear and tear on pump components can result in high maintenance and repair costs, leading to costly production downtime. Additionally, the accumulation of excess sediment can cause operational difficulties. In such challenging conditions, the Grindex Bravo pump range shines as an ideal solution.

This is according to Justin Bawden, Key Account Manager at Integrated Pump Technology, who says that Grindex Bravo pumps are specifically designed to excel in applications where pumping fluids with high concentrations of abrasives, such as sand and stones, is required. 

“These pumps are renowned for their robustness and reliability. One of the standout features of the Grindex Bravo pump is its agitator, which efficiently mixes and suspends solids, allowing the pump to transport them effectively,” he says. 

To tackle the wear problem head-on, the Bravo range features hydraulic components made from hard iron, one of the toughest materials available. This ensures durability and reliability, even in the face of extreme wear and tear.

Bawden says the Grindex Bravo pumps come packed with features that enhance their performance and ease of maintenance. The pumps are designed for dry pit applications, thanks to a cooling jacket, reducing the risk of overheating. A ready-to-install cartridge seal minimises downtime during repairs and assembly. The inclusion of a leakage sensor helps prevent further damage, saving on maintenance costs. The large inlet can handle solids of varying sizes, while the hard iron impeller and pump housing maximise durability and performance. A single adjustment sleeve unit allows for easy impeller adjustment, and the agitator efficiently stirs up sand, sludge and solids in suspension.

The Bravo range is not only rugged but also versatile and is capable of handling liquids with pH values ranging from 5.5 up to 14. The 22 kW pump can be fitted with a SMART unit with a built-in plug and pump, eliminating the need for external starter boxes. The pump is further protected by phase-failure guards, temperature guards and phase-sequence control, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Bawden says that every pumping application is unique, and the experienced team at Integrated Pump Technology can help select the appropriate pump unit based on specific parameters. “This ensures that the most suitable and efficient unit is deployed for the task at hand. The exceptional durability of Grindex Bravo pumps allows them to thrive in tough and challenging environments, providing reliability when it matters most.”

In addition to their durability, these pumps are designed for energy efficiency, leading to long term savings in energy consumption and making them a cost effective solution when considering the total cost of ownership. 

Moreover, Integrated Pump Technology ensures that replacement parts are readily available, either directly from the company’s head office or through its strategically located network of distributors. “This swift access to parts minimises downtime and reduces repair turnaround times, ensuring that pumps are back in action as soon as possible,” Bawden says. 

Grindex slurry pumps offer an effective solution and outstanding value, making them an excellent choice for industries such as quarries, mines, dredging and cleaning of settling ponds that require pumps with high durability. Each component of the Bravo pump is engineered for maximum endurance and reliability.

With trained distributors strategically placed across the country and southern Africa, Integrated Pump Technology provides expert support for installation and maintenance, significantly reducing downtime. 


In the two decades since its launch, Grindex’s Magnum pump has emerged as the first choice for heavy-duty drainage tasks across a myriad of applications in the construction, mining and quarrying sectors. 

Available from Integrated Pump Technology, the Southern African distributor for this quality international pump brand, there are three distinct configurations – the Magnum L for low head, Magnum N for normal head and Magnum H for high head applications. 

Justin Bawden, Key Account Manager at Integrated Pump Technology, says that despite its robust industrial strength, a notable feature of the Magnum pump is its surprising portability. “The ergonomic design of the pump facilitates easy and straightforward handling which aids ease of installation and movement from site to site.” 

Further, its streamlined construction, characterised by fewer components, simplifies maintenance inspections and servicing, making these not only quicker but also more cost effective. 

Grindex has incorporated a cutting-edge hydraulic design into the pump, ensuring it not only provides high wear resistance but also minimises performance decline after prolonged use. Significantly, according to Bawden, this pump boasts up to three times the wear resistance of its competitors, thanks to this optimised hydraulic design. 

Adding to its resilience, the Magnum pump features an air valve specifically designed to prevent overheating by cooling the equipment during dry runs. This innovative measure ensures prolonged pump life and uninterrupted performance, even under challenging conditions. 

The Magnum pump’s dependable design combined with its ease of maintenance has earned it a favoured position among hundreds of customers worldwide and is available in both 50hz and 60hz variants. 

When it comes to environments and applications that demand resilience and efficiency, such as construction sites, tunnels, mines and quarries, Grindex’s Magnum pump stands out as an unparalleled asset. “In essence, for industries that prioritise reliability and a proven track record, the Grindex Magnum pump remains unmatched,” Bawden concludes.