When a mining company in KwaZulu-Natal experienced a transformer failure recently, it was hoping for a quick solution. The mine got one from dry-type transformer specialist Trafo Power Solutions, who took just five weeks to design, build and deliver a non-standard cast-resin replacement.

“Once the situation with the old transformer was assessed, it was decided it would be more economical to replace the unit than to embark on major repairs,” says David Claassen, managing director of Trafo Power Solutions.

“We were able to accommodate the customer’s specifications in our replacement design, and have the unit manufactured by our European partners in just four weeks. After that, it took just a week to fly in the transformer and deliver it to the customer.”

Claassen notes it is not uncommon for transformer replacements of this scale to take anything from 12 to 14 weeks, so the rapid turnaround time by Trafo Power Solutions was highly valued by the customer. The mine required a 1,600 kVA dry-type DYN11 transformer that stepped 33 kV down to 550 V, with a non-standard tap setting arrangement of seven tap settings instead of the normal five.

“We are always willing to step in when a user has an urgent requirement, and to propose innovative solutions that meet customers’ priority needs,” says Claassen.

Dry-type transformers – also called cast-resin transformers – are growing in popularity as users recognise their safety benefits, as well as their economy and flexibility of placement. To meet this demand, Trafo Power Solutions works in close collaboration with established and well-resourced manufacturing partners in Europe to source tailored designs that meet customers’ exacting specifications. With its South Africa-based expertise and long experience all over Africa, Trafo Power Solutions provides users with peace of mind by ensuring ongoing after-sales service.

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