Integrated Pump Technology is keeping the submersible pumps at a large Limpopo power station’s process drain sumps in optimal condition through high quality maintenance.

The stainless steel Faggiolati pumps were initially supplied by Integrated Pump Technology, which locally represents the Italy-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The pumps were carefully specified to perform optimally in high temperatures of up to 70⁰ C. They pump water that reports to the sump from a number of the power station’s sub-systems, including the turbine hall hot drains and the condensate polishing plant.

“When the pumps are swopped out for maintenance, they are brought to our well-equipped workshop in Jet Park for a comprehensive strip quotation and fault report,” says Fred Slabbert, workshop manager at Integrated Pump Technology. “We assess the complete pump, including checks on oil, wear levels, insulation, bearing lubrication and electrical cables.”

An important aspect to consider is the wear on the impeller, says Slabbert, as this directly affects the pump’s efficiency and ability to reach its duty point. The pumps are required to move 100 m3 per hour at a head of 45 metres. To speed up turnaround times on maintenance, the company keeps special repair kits in stock from Faggiolati Pumps.

“With our experience in maintaining and repairing Faggiolati pumps – among other pump brands – we make sure that all work is done to OEM standards,” says Slabbert. “This includes extensive testing capability, with a test tank that can accommodate motors up to 150 kW in power.”

After the repairs on these units, a representative of the end-customer is present at the Integrated Pump Technology workshop to witness the final tests and receive the test certificate. This testing includes the 1,5 bar pressure test on pump seals, and confirmation that there is no water infiltration in the oil.

“The pumps are then subject to full-curve testing in the tank, witnessed by the end-customer,” he says. “We have always had positive efficiency results on the Faggiolati pumps in these tests, proving our technical capability to meet OEM standards.”

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