Successful communications is not about what you do, but rather how you do it.

Leading mining, construction, heavy engineering and industrial sector clients don´t resort to amateurs to handle their communication channels. They call on Coralynne & Associates, who has been the acknowledged doyenne of marketing and communications for this specialised sector for almost four decades.

Coralynne & Associates has established the benchmarks for communications in the mining, construction, heavy engineering and industrial sectors. Its high standards and reputation are unparalleled. The company also works with ethical organisations which aim to develop market share, prosper and grow the country.

Its renowned professional services draw on in-depth local knowledge and a global network of independent communications consultancies providing direct, personal management for all communication requirements.

Our Passion

  • Editorial Credibility
  • Design Integrity
  • Pragmatic Solutions
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Integrated Value Add
  • Industry Specific Expertise