Dry-type transformer specialist Trafo Power Solutions secured the order for 13 custom-designed cast resin units for Rand Water’s large Zuikerbosch Wastewater Treatment Works near Vereeniging.

The water purification and sedimentation facilities at Zuikerbosch will reportedly provide an additional 600 Ml per day to the system at a project value of R3 billion, as part of efforts to meet growing water demand in Gauteng due to steady population migration into the province.

The transformers being provided by Trafo Power Solutions range in size from 100 kVA to 1,600 kVA and have been modified to include earth fault protection and surge protection. This is in addition to the standard temperature protection features.

“The key advantages of dry-type transformers in this kind of application is their inherent safety and their ease of installation,” says Trafo Power Solutions managing director David Claassen. “The units can be installed inside built substations rather than having to be placed outdoors with their own civils and bunding infrastructure.”

Unlike conventional oil-cooled transformers, the dry-type units do not carry the risk of oil leaks or spillage and hence do not require special mitigation measures to protect the environment. The technology’s relative safety also makes them more versatile in terms of the locations in which they may be housed. The units are self-extinguishing and flame-retardant by nature, allowing them to be categorised as ‘F1’ in terms of international fire ratings.

“The transformers represent state-of-the-art technology from the leaders in cast resin transformer products, Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) who has been developing this field for a century,” says Claassen. “We have sourced our custom-designed units from the group’s manufacturing facilities in Italy, which boast world-leading expertise and equipment.”

While dry-type transformers have been around since the early 1900s, they are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications as the price differential compared to conventional transformers is no longer significant.

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