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IPD South Africa has announced it can now supply IPD’s cryo-treated bolts, offering considerably longer life bolt with less internal stress and optimised tensile strength.

After introducing its cryo-treated C15 head bolt kit (C15CHBKFR), the response was so positive that the company also made cryogenic head bolt kits available for the 3500 engine applications (1310420-8FR). The cryo-treatment allows proper and even clamping forces across the cylinder head while reducing head bolt fatigue – extending the life of engines and keeping them running.

Cryogenic heat treatment is a carefully engineered process during which the temperature of materials is reduced to about minus 190° C. The components are kept at that temperature in liquid nitrogen to remove residual stresses. The temperature is then ramped back up to room temperature, followed by a mild heat treatment process.

IPD cryo-treated head bolts do not require any extra torqueing, as stretching does not occur. They are packaged in their own netting to prevent abrasions, and each cryo-treated head bolt has a blue dot on its head to show the user that it has been cryo-treated.

These IPD parts are made and cryo-treated in the United States, where each part is subjected to rigorous quality control and inspection processes led by IPD’s in-house quality assurance team.


Now available from IPD South Africa, the IPD steel spacer place for the CAT 3500 series engines is more corrosion-resistant than the standard aluminium or cast iron product.

This cost effective option is for CAT part number 5197297, which replaced part number 3629677. The IPD spacer plate includes several other beneficial changes such as a new MLS gasket shape, made to meet OEM thickness specifications.

There is also an added, precision-machined O-ring to ensure proper sealing, and added grooves to aid in disassembly. Smooth corrective edges help to seal the surface between mating components.

IPD has been lowering running costs for CAT owners since 1955, without compromising quality, performance or engine life. With its ISO 9001:2008 certification, the company ensures the highest quality of components, governed by stringent quality control processes. A robust product line makes IPD a leader in the aftermarket for these popular engines.


IPD has introduced its water pump for the CAT 3500 engine series – this is the first of a number of water and oil pumps due for release by IPD this year.

This is the first water pump engineered, manufactured and tested by IPD, and is a result of the demand for a reliable quality part with the market having long experienced many mediocre and sub-standard water pumps that either leaked or otherwise failed. The IPD product is a significant improvement on the water pump #4160610 – previously model #2128177.

To achieve this benchmark, IPD set its in-house engineering team to work on a new design. It used the most advanced three-dimensional scanning and coordinate measurement machine (CMM) technologies to create this precision water pump. The unit includes only the highest quality materials and components, with precision-machined cast-iron housings and impellers, as well as steel shafts and bronze thrust washers. Ceramic, spring-loaded water seals are used, with Teflon lip-type hydrodynamic oil seals.

IPD, which is committed to being the quality leader in engine pumps, ensures that every pump is carefully inspected and tested for leakage, pressure and flow by the company’s dedicated quality assurance team.

Innovative packaging ensures these new pumps arrive in perfect condition. Recyclable plastic caps protect the bearings during shipping and prevent debris from getting inside the pumps. Rather than using the typical shredded cardboard to pack the units, IPD has rigid, custom-fit foam inserts to provide total protection.

IPD also plans to launch water pumps for CAT engines in the C15/C18, 3300, C27/C37 and C15 series, as well an auxiliary water pump for the G3300 engine.