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A total turnkey solution to desilt a process water dam at a coal mine in the Middelburg area of Mpumalanga province was all in a day’s work for pump solutions specialists Integrated Pump Rental.

According to Integrated Pump Rental managing director Lee Vine, it is not uncommon for factors like high rainfall or an unexpected process fault to cause overfilling of a process dam with silt.
In a recent case, a mining customer urgently needed a process dam that had become filled with coal fines to be emptied.
The situation raised the risk of an environmental incident which could have potentially interrupted the smooth operation of the coal processing plant.

“One of the specific issues with coal fines is that they settle very quickly and create a highly compact layer at the bottom of a pond.
This makes it more difficult to create a slurry that can be pumped away,” says Vine. “The SlurryBlaster is our effective hydro mining solution for removing slurry and sediment accumulation on dam walls and inside dams, boasting a capacity of up to 2,800 litres per minute with a nominal inlet pressure of 7 bar.”

In this case, the coal fines could be blasted into an accumulation point where a slurry pump was then used to transfer high tonnages of the sediment to a location specified by the customer.
Integrated Pump Rental also provided the pipelines and fittings that the solution required.

“As part of our project assessment, we ascertained that the slurry demonstrated a low pH level of just three,” he says. “This high acidity meant that we had to deploy our stainless steel range of pumps and equipment to ensure corrosion-resistance.”

Vine highlights that the mine was able to take the dam off-line, and that water from another source was used to feed the mine’s process plant while the desilting process was underway.

“To conduct the hydro-mining option on this project, we secured an external water source and used two monitoring guns to attack the silt – turning it into a slurry that we could then pump through our own pipeline to the tailings dam,” he says.


Integrated Pump Technology will showcase its range of global OEM pumps at Electra Mining Africa.
The company was established four years ago as the official southern African distributor for the well-respected Grindex range of electrical submersible pumps and last year introduced the Italian manufactured Faggiolati pumps to its product offering.

Grindex pumps incorporate a unique air valve that allows the impeller to pass air instead of water protecting the unit in dry run conditions. These robustly constructed pumps are engineered to operate in harsh environments offering end-users reliability and energy efficiency.

The range of Grindex dewatering pumps range in sizes from 0.5 kW to 90 kW with a new 145 kW unit currently in field trials. This unit will be released to market early next year.

The Grindex slurry pumps are robust workhorses made for use in mines and quarries and sizes range from 3 kW to 70 kW. These pumps are equipped with an agitator mechanism that directs settled material to the pump’s intake.

The sludge pump range has all the advantages of the other two ranges as well as a recessed vortex impeller and split hydraulics with replaceable rubber linings. This allows these pumps to handle larger solids with increased abrasion resistance.

Manufactured in Italy, the Faggiolati quality submersible drainage and wastewater pumps are considered a natural complement to the company’s Grindex pump and accessory range.
One of the most significant advantages that Faggiolati pumps offer is that all units are equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors. This is particularly important on a continent that needs energy efficient products and solutions.
The extensive product line-up, more than 800 items, ranges from 0.5kW to 350 kW and pumps are available in grey cast iron as well as marine bronze and stainless steel for specialised applications.

Integrated Pump Technology has a strong network of 16 strategically located distributors each of which has a solid track record.
This facilitates rapid local access to sales and technical information with the distributors being supported by dedicated account managers ensuring effective and optimal solution providing and service.


Integrated Pump Rental intends to reinforce its position as one of the leading pump rental operations in southern Africa with its participation at Electra Mining Africa.

The company will showcase a range of its pump rental solutions aimed at showing the diversity of product available, and its ability to service all pump rental needs within the mining sector.

As the official representative of Sykes diesel driven self-priming pumps in the SADC region, Integrated Pump Rental offers a comprehensive range of these pumps for hire.
Offering characteristics such as high head and high flow, these large pumps are trailer mounted for ease of use. This range offers pumping capabilities up to 500 litres per second and a maximum head of up to 208 metres. Series and parallel configurations are available to facilitate higher heads and an increased flow.

Visitors to the stand can view a range of Grindex pumps. These robust units are easy to install, simple to operate and offer pumping efficiencies with low energy consumption.
The Integrated Pump Rental fleet includes drainage, slurry and solid handling and sludge pumps as well as stainless steel pumps for use in highly corrosive or low PH applications.

The company’s hydro mining solutions have gained traction over the last few years, and both the SlurrySucker and the SlurryBlaster dredge unit will be on the stand.
The SlurrySucker is ideal for the regular cleaning of process water ponds and return water dams, while the SlurryBlaster is suitable for hydro mining sludge out of water storage areas.
Both units are compact in design, and easy to transport from site to site. In addition, these units have been engineered to operate without causing damage to plastic lined dams and ponds.

Of interest on the stand will also be the latest addition to Integrated Pump Rental’s fleet – the Urban LED mobile tower light. With most dewatering and other pumping applications conducted on a 24/7 basis, there is a need to ensure optimum visibility and these tower lights provide reliable lighting ensuring the safety of personnel.
Completing the product offering will be a range of accessories including hose and pump flotation devices, hoses and control and automation solutions.

Integrated Pump Rental can be found at P73.


Lighting has a crucial role to play in allowing people to see clearly and avoid obstacles, obstructions, dangers and hazards. This is especially so when working on site, making lighting a critical safety issue.

Lee Vine, managing director of Integrated Pump Rental, says better lighting also enhances productivity and in response to this demand the company recently bolstered its pump rental fleet with the inclusion of Urban LED mobile tower lights. Units are mine specific and comply with all safety requirements.

Manufactured by AllightSykes, the Urban MLLED200K-9AC mobile tower light is built to the highest quality standards ensuring reliable operation. The tower light’s power coated full steel body and galvanised hydraulic mast assembly are integrated with its maintenance free axle suspension.

The Urban MLLED200K-9AC is equipped with a nine metre mast which ensures maximum output reaches the work area for optimum productivity and safety. The 359 degree mast rotation with lightbar tilt capacity is standard. Powered by a Perkins engine, the 240 Volt AC tower light delivers 200 000 lumens through four powerful 500 Watt LED lamps.

The unit is equipped with four adjustable outriggers facilitating optimum stability in all underfoot conditions.

Leading safety innovations have been incorporated into this latest generation LED tower light, and this includes an audible voice alarm should the hand brake not be engaged, or the unit is not level. When either or both conditions are not met, the mast cannot be raised, or if it is raised it will automatically lower. These integrated features prevent the incorrect deployment of the tower light on site.

The Urban is integrated with the purpose built Smartgen ALC708 lighting tower controller. This offers effortless operation, auto start/stop capability and engine protection.

“The inclusion of the Urban tower lights in our rental fleet is a natural progression and is aimed at addressing customer needs,” Vine says. He says the tower lights are also available for purchase.

Integrated Pump Rental offers a range of pumping rental solutions all engineered to deal with the harsh operating conditions on the African continent. Options include both medium and long term turnkey rental solutions.