Engineered with a high tolerance to different materials, the Leuze 10 Series optical sensors detects objects and measures distances with an incredible accuracy of +/-30 mm. Available from Countapulse Controls, these high performance sensors have an operating range of up to eight metres.

The high tolerance of the Leuze 10 Series sensors further extends to the angle of incidence, the colour, surface structure and brightness of reflective material. This enables the sensor to detect different materials, such as wood or matt as well as glossy metal, and this is possible even under varying environmental conditions.

The Leuze 10 Series is also suitable for sensing applications where deep black materials are found or where objects are not ideally aligned or where they are moving rapidly.

The highly visible status indicators on the devices makes for ease of use and the sensors also have large control buttons. The LED display has been designed to facilitate step-by-step commissioning and diagnosis at the press of a button.

The compact housing, with integrated recesses for M4 screws or nuts, means installation is possible in applications where space restrictions exist. However, its small size does not impact on the overall performance of the Leuze 10 Series.

A comprehensive range of Leuze sensing solutions is available from Johannesburg-based Countapulse Controls. The company can assess any sensing application and provide a fit-for-purpose solution to meet the specific needs of an operation. A 24/7 hotline is available to assist end users with technical challenges that may be experienced due to lack of knowledge or experience. For further information call 066 148 6287.


The Leuze RSL 400 safety laser scanner with measurement value output is setting new standards in the reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Available from leading sensor solutions provider Countapulse Controls, the new Leuze RSL 400 safety laser scanner is the result of many years of experience in the development of safety technology.

This compact safety scanner combines safety technology and qualitatively superior measurement value output in a single device. This enables reliable safeguarding and navigation of AGVs. Measurement value output is optimised to navigation software that functions according to the principle of natural navigation with SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping).

Due to its high angular resolution of 0.1 degrees, the Leuze RSL 400 offers extremely detailed scanning of the environment across the entire measurement range of up to 50 metres. This is achieved through a particularly narrow laser spot that maintains its perpendicular shape over the entire scanning angle. The distance values have a high accuracy and are not influenced by reflection of objects.

The additional output of the received signal strength value for each beam allows autonomous detection of reflectors by the navigation software. When beams strike a reflector, the values differ greatly from any other environment, which facilitates reliable detection.

With up to 100 switchable field pairs, the Leuze RSL 400 offers optimum adaptation of the protective fields, even in cases where there are many different movement and loading conditions. Parallel monitoring of multiple protective fields enables safe and reliable reduction of the speed of AGVs.

These new functions are also available as a device model with PROFINET/PROFIsafe interface, thereby making integration extremely easy.

Johannesburg-based Countapulse Controls offers industry access to skilled technical personnel that can advise on sensing solutions across a broad range of applications.


Countapulse Controls advises that German sensor specialist, Leuze electronic is expanding its portfolio of optoelectronic and inductive switches with capacitive proximity switches.

This move will make it possible for users to procure obtain complete solutions for detection requirements from a single source.

The company has been the official distributor for Leuze electronic for more than 45 years and offers a full technical advisory service. This, Gerry Bryant, managing director of Countapulse Controls, says enables the company to provide fit-for-purpose sensing solutions to industries across southern Africa.

The introduction of contactless, wear-free switches which are resistant to electromagnetic influences, interference and contaminants in the air such as dust by Leuze will have major advantages for end users. The capacitive switches are available in a cylindrical or cubic design, as well as embedded or non-embedded versions for a wide range of mounting options.

Due to their semiconductor technology, the Leuze sensors have a long life expectancy, regardless of the detection and switching frequency.

The new variants facilitate contactless detection of numerous different objects and media, regardless of the shape. These sensors are particularly suitable for detecting objects in harsh and dirty environments due to the IP67 rated housing.

These Leuze sensors can “see through” certain materials, which provides optimum accuracy in difficult sensing applications such as those found in food and beverage and printing and packaging operations. The devices can detect products in outer packaging and behind container walls as well as check fill levels and monitor these for completeness.

Countapulse Controls offers a comprehensive range of sensing, measurement, counting, switching, monitoring and positioning instrumentation solutions. Customer support is through the company’s technical advisory service hotline which is available 24/7.


Manufacturing plants, packaging facilities and warehouse operations often have areas where visibility is not what it should be, and not only can these prove hazardous to both vehicles and pedestrians moving in these areas but plant operators have limited visibility as well.

A solution, available from leading sensing solutions supplier Countapulse Controls, is the robust LCAM 408i IP camera which has been engineered for use in industrial environments. Correct positioning of the device will allow visibility into hard to see area with the 5 mexapixel colour camera delivering live stream at high image quality due to its gigabit Ethernet interface,

The housing of the robust Leuze LCAM 408i IP camera is rated at IP65/67 and features an easy to clean glass pane. It is easily integrated into machinery or system controls via M12 connections and requires only a 24 V voltage supply. Flexibility of installation is ensured through diverse mounting options including the use of dovetail, threaded holes as well as an extensive range of mounting accessories.

Configuration is simple and is accomplished via a standard browser and displayed via standard streaming tools. There is no need for additional software, and troubleshooting has been simplified in case of failure.

Countapulse Controls the official distributor of Leuze sensing solutions and products in southern Africa and the company offers industry access to skilled technical personnel that can advise on the application of the products.