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Engineered not only for optimum durability and safety, the Apex SR 9000 heavy duty impact door manages to blend into any environment as a result of its sleek, modern design.

Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says this cost effective, insulated traffic door has found popularity in market sectors where dependable operation coupled with an attractive appearance is important.

“Locally manufactured by the company, the Apex SR 9000 door combines functionality with longevity and allows easy movement of pedestrians and goods,” Dessing says. “We find that customers often specify this particular door upfront.”

The door is manufactured from a 3 mm ABS skin which retains its physical properties down to temperatures of minus 40°C. The low maintenance skin is impervious to moisture, acids, petroleum products, animal fats, rodent, insects and salt solutions.

The door’s insulation characteristics are enhanced by its high-density, non-CFC urethane foam core. The patented honeycomb framework and flexible urethane foam insulation provide optimum stability and superior soundproofing qualities.

Standard vision panels, constructed from 3 mm clear polycarbonate sheeting, are available in a number of custom sizes and are scratch-resistant and UBC compatible for enhanced visibility. Windows can be mounted in various positions on the door, and double pane vision panels can be installed for use in refrigerated areas.

“Wear is always an issue on impact doors, and to prevent excessive wear on the perimeter edges the door panels are bull nosed with a minimum radius of 8 mm. This significantly reduces maintenance on the doors,” he says.

The Apex SR 9000 doors are mounted on an internal welded steel perimeter with corner gussets, using a CMI type ‘V’ gravity hinging system. Gasket keys are moulded in place and retain gasketing without the use of screws, rivets or other fasteners. High bumpers are also fitted to the door panel to further absorb impact from forklift trucks and carts. This also reduces stress on hardware and mount assemblies.

Dessing says the company provides a full technical advice service that assists customers to configure the best door for each application. In addition, installation support and prompt delivery times ensure that customer productivity is not compromised.


The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door is undoubtedly one of the more attractive heavy duty doors available on the market. Considered by many as the most cost effective answer, this door with its proven construction offers years of dependable operation while maintaining an attractive appearance. Add to this its minimal maintenance requirement, and it is clear why demand is increasing of this locally made door.

The fully gasketed Apex SR 9000 heavy duty impact swing door is locally manufactured to customers’ specific requirements. Its patented “honeycomb” framework and flexible urethane foam insulation gives the door optimum stability and superior soundproofing qualities. This is achieved by injecting high density non-CFRC urethane core into the hollow shell of the door.

Lightweight but robust, the Apex SR 9000 door is engineered to withstand heavy traffic and impact. High bumpers are fitted to the door panel to further absorb impact from manridden vehicles and carts. This also reduces stress on hardware and mount assemblies.

In addition, the perimeter edges on the door panels are bull nosed with a minimum radius of 8 mm preventing excessive wear on the edges. The seal complements the insulated core reducing energy flow between environments, another plus factor.

The rugged 3 mm ABS outer facing of the Apex SR 9000 door is available in a variety of colours and it is impervious to moisture, acid, petroleum products, salt solutions, animal fats and insects. It retains its physical properties in temperatures as low as minus 40º C and it will not chip dent, peel, pit or corrode.

The Apex SR 9000 is available from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors and its network of agents throughout South Africa who offer technical and installation support as well as prompt delivery times.


Known for providing cutting edge technology, service and innovation to the local food industry, B.T. Enterprises has long recognised the advantages of using Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains at its facilities.

Established in 1974 as a supplier of specialised food processing equipment, the company has grown to where today it operates three divisions – food processing equipment, packaging materials and spices and food ingredients.

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says the company has a large number of repeat customers, and counts B.T. Enterprises among these.

“Operating in the food industry requires high level of quality control and this includes eliminating the ingress of dust, insects and other foreign contaminants from its packaging, blending and processing areas,” Dessing Jnr says.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are installed in a number of locations at B.T. Enterprises’ facilities and with individual strips being reinforced with the patented Balledge® have proved durable. This unique edge ensures an efficient thermal seal yet allows strip to part easily under pressure to allow personnel to move between areas.

In the latest installation as B.T. Enterprises, a fixed Apex General Purpose Strip Curtain installation was replaced with an installation on a specially designed sliding track. Dessing Jnr says this facilitates a much wider opening allowing bulk palleted goods to be easily moved in and out, increasing productivity.

Another requirement in this particular application was the inclusion of a red strip in strategic positions among the other clear strips. These cautionary strips clearly demarcate the sides and the middle of the opening, further enhancing safety for those moving through the opening.

“The use of flexible PVC strips was pioneered more than 40 years ago by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors,” Dessing Jnr says. “And an important characteristic of our specially formulated PVC material is it does not become brittle with use, which means that our product easily outlasts inferior products.”

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are locally manufactured by the company in Johannesburg, and its technical team is able to assess applications and provide a fit-for-purpose cost effective solution.


It makes sense that Firebreak SA, a company focused on providing quality safety and fire solutions to industry, would select Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains to cordon off its receiving and despatch area at its facility in Alrode, Johannesburg.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are manufactured from specially formulated PVC material which can withstand the movement of both pedestrians and motorised materials handling equipment without snagging or scratching.
The ends of the individual strip are reinforced by the patented Balledge® which when closed allows an efficient seal preventing unwanted contaminants from entering the cordoned off area.

Receiving and despatch areas are often a hub of activity with products being received from suppliers, and others being despatched to customers daily

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that it is not uncommon for companies to want to control the ingress of dust and foreign particles at such facilities, especially delivery vehicles moving in and out most of the working day creating excessive dust.

“There was, however, an additional need at Firebreak SA, and this was to supply a solution that would allow the entrance to be opened completely, when necessary,” Dessing says.

This was accomplished by installing the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains on a sliding rail in the opening.
The specially designed track allows the strip curtaining installation to be opened to allow vehicles to access the area, and then closed once the vehicle has left.

Dessing Jnr says the company has been supplying fit-for-purpose products for door openings in industrial and retail facilities for more than 40 years and works closely with customers to find appropriate solutions. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors supplies general purpose strip curtains, high impact traffic doors and high speed roll-up doors.


Two high-speed, roll-up Sector doors have been installed by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors at a Gauteng gold refinery, following a detailed assessment of application requirements by the expert Apex team.

Operations manager at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, James Candy, says the doors were installed inside the refinery to form an air lock measuring about six metres in distance between the processing and storage areas.

“The Sector door is a more compact solution that requires less space. It is well suited to the smaller opening of just 2,4 metres by 2,8 metres between the two areas at the customer’s facility,” says Candy. “This is made possible through a design that integrates the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems into one unit, allowing a reduced footprint while also being cost efficient.”

He says that the automatically controlled doors are ideal for this type of application, facilitating a more stable ambient temperature in the facility.
As the forklift and pedestrian traffic enters the air lock area, the opposite door opens only when the entry door has been closed; the doors’ high speed operation ensures that temperature is well controlled while the movement of traffic is not unduly impeded.

“High-speed roll-up doors allow for rapid opening and closing, while offering longer operating life and high safety standards,” he emphasises. “The design incorporates a counterweighted balancing system that ensures high standards of performance and safety, while capable of coping with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic.”

Candy adds that the frame was specially powder-coated to deal with the high chemical levels in the processing area, providing a coating that protects it against erosion in corrosive environments.