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Large doorways left open to facilitate easy access at manufacturing and storage facilities present challenges in terms of maintaining a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that during winter it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a constant temperature with these large openings. “This translates into unpleasant working conditions, negatively affecting productivity, and as the cold weather approaches we are inundated with requests from customers looking at ways to improve both working conditions and employee comfort,” he says.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is able to offer solutions including its well-known Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains, high speed doors and impact traffic doors. The wide range of doors and enclosures is specifically designed for applications where the maintenance of consistent temperatures on the work floor is required.

Locally manufactured from specially formulated PVC material, Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are ideal to cordon off areas within manufacturing facilities, workshops, storage areas or warehouses. This highly effective product is generally fitted on hanging hardware across a door or entrance way on specially made framework.

Each individual PVC strip features the patented Balledge® design ensuring an efficient thermal seal preventing the ingress of cold air into the workplace. The transparent strips allow unimpaired vision into enclosed areas, and part readily under pressure allowing easy access for both equipment and personnel.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors’ range of high speed doors offers a viable solution for quick and easy access. When installed these contribute significantly to improved productivity. These doors are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including warehousing areas as they do not hinder personnel, forklift or vehicular traffic and, depending on the actual operation, can be either automatically or manually controlled.

The Sector high speed roll-up door, manufactured locally by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, delivers both functionality and performance. It is robust enough to cope with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic.

The Traffic high speed fold-up doors offers a sturdy, dependable and modular solution for medium and large entrances such as shipment and warehouse areas, and are particularly suited to conditions where wind is a factor.

Installation of both is quick and easy because the support structure contains all the electrical drive gear and a special mechanical counterbalancing system. The doors are controlled by an electronic unit which complies with all IEC regulations and can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops. To facilitate safety, the door is fitted with a release lever that opens it from either side in the event of a power failure or malfunction.

Also locally manufactured is the Apex SR 9000 high impact traffic door which complies with all relevant safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) standards. The door is made from a 3 mm ABS skin which is impervious to moisture, acids, petroleum products, animal fats, rodents, insects and salt solutions.

Standard vision panels constructed from 3 mm clear polycarbonate sheeting are available in a number of custom sizes. However, the Apex SR 9000 is also available without the vision panel which allows greater flexibility of use.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors provides a technical information service assisting customers in selecting the most appropriate door for a particular application.


Made from specially formulated PVC material, Apex Welding and Safety Screens will ensure optimum safety in workshop environments, protecting workers from harsh ultra-violet light and dangerous u.v. radiation which occurs during welding and grinding processes.

This locally manufactured safety screen incorporates a heavy-duty ultra-violet light absorber, which safely contains all u.v. radiation in the curtained off area enhancing safety in the environment and providing a high level of protection for workers in close proximity to welding and grinding activities.

Standard tinted PVC. material while offering a visible barrier does not provide adequate protection. Extensive tests conducted by the SABS proved that Apex Welding and Safety Screens are superior to conventional tinted material.

Tested for ultra-violet transmittance, the conventional material gave readings of 0,0005%, 0,008% and 5.0% as opposed to Apex readings of 0,005%, 0,001 and 0,005%. When tested for total visible light transmittance, the tests were conclusive. The conventional material allowed 78%, while the Apex material allowed only 15,5% light transmittance – a dramatic difference.

Apex Welding and Safety Screens are impervious to burning, and this is of particular importance should the material come into contact with welding splatter.

Access to cordoned off areas is easy as the patented Balledge® design on the individual PVC strips facilitates easy access for both personnel and equipment. The strips part on contact and return to their original configuration ensuring an efficient close.

Available in several configurations to suit individual requirements, the most popular version is the freestanding frame that facilitates both easy handling and portability. The screens’ angled feet allow optimum utilisation of the floor space and the screens can be butted together at a 90-degree angle.

In addition to Apex Welding and Safety Screens, the company markets a range of high-speed roll up and fold up doors, which represent a leap forward in warehouse closure systems.


South Africa’s drive for reduced energy consumption should include optimising the efficiency of energy usage across entire supply chains. This is according to Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, who says the company is seeing an increased call for its technical personnel to assess the functionality of doors being used across manufacturing, warehouse and other storage facilities.

“Long gone are the days of leaving large openings in these types of facilities without any form of closing,” Dessing says. “High speed roll up doors are a popular solution as these allow for rapid opening and closing, and facilitate a more controlled ambient temperature inside a manufacturing or warehousing facility. This contributes significantly to reducing energy costs and ensuring employee comfort.

“Temperature and humidity control are enhanced through the elimination of excessive through flow of warm or cold exterior air into the workspace. As an added benefit, due to their speed of operation, high speed doors reduce the influx of insects and other airborne contaminants that negatively impact on product quality,” Dessing says.

“The doors also offer longer operating life and high safety standards. As a result, our customers see an excellent return on investment while ensuring a better operating environment for personnel.”

Unhindered traffic flow remains a primary concern for businesses. The Apex range of high speed doors incorporates a counterweighted balancing system that not only ensures high standards of performance and safety but also provides fast, semi-automatic reopening.

These high speed doors offer both functionality and performance. They are unobtrusive, yet able to cope with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic. The design features the integration of the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems in one unit for cost efficiency and a reduced footprint.

Doors are available for medium and large entrances, and Dessing says that it is important to consider the size of opening, frequency of opening and closing and the volume of vehicular traffic when selecting a high speed door.

“Our competent team works closely with customers to find a solution that will provide a good cost to performance ratio, and ensure that the most appropriate high speed door is selected for the application,” Dessing concludes.


Known for its lightweight yet rugged construction, the Apex SR 9000 heavy duty insulated impact traffic door also offers ease of maintenance and long service life. The locally manufactured door opens easily, operates smoothly and allows safe, damage free passage for personnel and equipment.

Available from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, the Apex SR 9000 door is suitable for majority of applications where both pedestrian and motorised traffic move from one area of a facility to another.

All Apex SR 9000 doors feature a patented ABS outer shell forming a thick panel. This ensure the door retains its physical properties even in conditions where temperatures reach as low as minus 40°C. It is also impervious to moisture, acid, petroleum products, animal fats, rodents, insects and salt solutions. This makes this impact traffic door ideal for all types of environments including refrigerated or wash down areas.

The Apex SR 9000 door features bull nosed perimeter edges which prevent excessive wear on the edges. The doors are all mounted on an internal welded steel perimeter with corner gussets. Gasket keys are moulded in place and retain gasketing without the use of screws, rivets or other fasteners. Replacement of gasketing is simple and easily done on site.

Optional polyethylene spring bumpers, impact plates, partial edge gasketing, lower hinge guards and double pane vision panels are all available.


As the manufacturing industry pays closer attention to best practice, quality control and safety in the workplace, PVC strip curtains are playing an increasingly valuable role.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors sales executive, Wim Dessing highlights how the company’s locally produced strip curtains are used to enhance workplace demarcation and workflow.

“Internal entry and exit points are common places for accidents to occur in the workplace,” Dessing says. “Similarly, points of transition between various sections in a manufacturing or storage facility can also be a safety concern.”

Usually supplied as transparent, the PVC strip curtains maximise visibility while still meeting the need to cordon off sections and optimise the flow of work. This considerably lowers the risks related to vehicular traffic moving in and out of different areas of the workplace. The curtains also reduce the ingress of dust, smoke and insects, while also helping prevent the entry of hot or cold air.

Manufactured locally in South Africa for over 45 years, these premium products from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors feature the patented Balledge® on both sides of the individual strips. This reinforced rounded edge on the strips is a major differentiator, ensuring an optimal thermal close. It also allows the strips to part easily, which improves access for pedestrians, pallet trucks, forklifts and other motorised equipment.

“We produce our general purpose strip curtains with specially formulated PVC material,” Dessing says. “Apart from its transparency for increased visibility, it is also highly resistant to discolouration, cracking or tearing.”

While they are commonly used at permanent entrance and exit points, these industrial PVC strip curtains are also a popular way of creating temporary partitions within large manufacturing facilities.


Businesses are driven to maintain a balance between safety and productivity. Access between areas within a facility and between the facility and its exterior plays a large part in achieving an optimum balance between these two factors.

“The well-being of personnel and suppliers is extremely important and plays a defining role in complementing the motivation of people in the workplace. The high-tech Smart Reset roll-up doors from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors provide safe and rapid access as well as effective insulation in production plants, retail facilities, warehouses and shipment areas,” Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says.

The engineering behind these heavy duty automatic doors is based on years of experience in the market. Manufactured with CE certification and compliance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EMC as well as other relevant safety and quality standards, the motors and components are designed for easy operation, long life cycles and minimal maintenance.

“Apart from the Smart Reset roll-up door’s rugged construction, the feature which positions Apex Strip Curtains & Doors as a market innovator is the door’s self-repairing capabilities. Should the curtain be accidentally dislodged, it quickly recovers its alignment on its next opening or closing operation,” Dessing points out.

This is made possible by the incorporation of side hinges that slide along special guides, together with the flexible curtain ends that protect the door from damage. On impact with an obstruction, the hinges dislodge themselves to prevent tearing or harm to personnel and goods.

The action is further driven by a DSC electronic safety device that automatically reverses the motion of the door should it hit an obstacle when closing. This IEC-compliant device can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors and induction loops.

“In addition, a manual release lever allows one to open the door from either side should a power failure or malfunction occur,” Dessing explains.

The Smart Reset roll-up door is supplied with a three phase 400 V externally mounted motor that includes a limit switch and electrically operated hand brake. Suitable for openings of up to 2 metres high and 4 metres wide, the doors are manufactured in Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester which has demonstrated its ability to withstand winds of up to 120 km/h.

Robustness and longevity were defined as important features, so the doors include a soft start and soft stop capability to reduce mechanical stress and wear. An optional inverter system is available when easy speed adjustments are a prerequisite. The precise and uniform rolling of the curtain is ensured by the combination of the two photocells that are mounted inside the casing of the door together with the DSC electronic system.

Aesthetically unobtrusive and compact, the Smart Reset roll-up doors are not only easy to install and operate but also provide companies with the assurance of unobstructed and safe access for vehicles and personnel. “These doors have provided a cost effective solution to the large roll-up door dilemma of ensuring speed of opening and closing, while at the same time ensuring that both people and goods are protected,” Dessing concludes.


Selecting a high speed door is not all that simple. It requires significant product and applications knowledge to ensure the appropriate solution is chosen for a specific operation.

Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains, highlights that incorrect selection can impact on the efficiency of an operation and lead to additional costs being incurred.

“Factors such as size of opening, frequency of opening and closing and the volume of vehicular traffic must be taken into consideration,” he explains. “Purchasing a high speed door is not about selecting something from a catalogue during a quick office meeting. It is essential that a company with the correct level of knowledge does a comprehensive application-specific assessment and then presents the best overall solution.”

One of the most important aspects when it comes to efficient operation in a manufacturing and/or warehousing facility is consistent performance of equipment and utilities, and this is true of high speed doors.

The fast opening and closing action of the Apex high speed door not only improves productivity levels, but also enhances supply chain activities. These doors do not hinder personnel, forklift or vehicular traffic and, depending on the actual operation, can be either automatically or manually controlled.

Dessing says that, in addition to selecting an appropriate high speed door solution, it is also essential to deal with a company whose products are manufactured according to high quality standards and will stand the test of time. Apex Strip Curtains undertakes thorough quality testing of all working components of the high speed doors it supplies and this ensures complete customer reassurance.

The electronic units of the Traffic and Sector high speed doors, which form part of the company’s range of solutions, comply with all IEC regulations and can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops. The counterweight balancing system is designed for high standards of performance and safety as well as fast semi-automatic reopening. The built-in automation unit protects the components from wear caused by the elements.

For the safety conscious business, the high speed doors available from Apex Strip Curtains feature a proximity sensor. This ensures that these high speed doors will not accidentally close while a vehicle or person is positioned in the open doorway.

In instances where doors need to be opened for short periods of time to allow the passage of vehicles, the Apex Traffic high speed door is the best option. This door is ideally suited to outdoor access applications in shipment areas and warehouses. Available in sizes up to 8 000 mm wide and 8 500 mm high, the door is a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for medium and large entrances.

Designed and engineered with durability and longevity in mind, the Apex Traffic high speed door can resist winds of up to 50 km/h. A custom model which can withstand winds up to 90 km/h is also available. In addition, the material of construction is a strong self-extinguishing Class 2 fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties and the supporting structure is made from high quality galvanised steel. Where visibility is an issue, vision windows can be incorporated into the panels.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors has ensured that installation is quick and easy by incorporating all the electrical drive gear and a special mechanical counterbalancing system within the support structure. To facilitate safety, the door is fitted with a release lever that opens it from either side in the event of a power failure or malfunction.

The fast acting Sector high speed door uses the same exclusive counterbalancing system as the Traffic door, and also has an extension spring activated by a release lever to facilitate semi-automatic re-opening. This door is compact, structurally flexible and has interchangeable transparent or coloured panels.


According to statistics, a significant number of forklift fatalities occur within manufacturing facilities. While driver education on the correct operation of forklift trucks is a primary goal in reducing this risk, other elements also come into play.

Wim Dessing, sales executive of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that accidents can occur at internal entry and exit points as well as at points of transition between various sections in a manufacturing or storage facility. By ensuring that visibility is maximised, the risks associated with the movement of vehicular traffic can be substantially reduced.

Dessing proposes the use of strip curtains in doorways. “Apex Strip Curtains & Doors pioneered the use of flexible PVC strips in industrial applications more than 35 years ago and the use of these transparent strips to cordon off doorways and sections of a plant ensure optimised safety in the workplace” he says.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are produced using specially formulated PVC material which is transparent for increased visibility and will not discolour, crack or tear over time. The individual strips incorporate the company’s patented Balledge® feature which, while ensuring an effective thermal seal at all times, allows the strips to part easily allowing unimpeded movement of personnel or vehicular traffic.

The Balledge® design comprises a reinforced edge on the border of each strip that also provides extended life of the strips irrespective of the application in which they are used.

Another benefit provided through the use of Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains accrues in the food and beverage manufacturing and packaging sectors in the form of enhanced hygiene. Sensitive areas such as food preparation are governed by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), an internationally recognised food safety system that assists with the manufacture of safe food products.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are HACCP compliant and play a vital role in the food and beverage industry by preventing the ingress of unwanted elements. This requirement is critical in the light of issues such as cross-contamination. Dessing says that production facilities as well as retail outlets have come to depend on strip curtains to minimise the entrance of dust and heat while at the same time facilitating easy access for personnel and vehicular traffic.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are commonly attached to an overhead hanging rail and provide a cost effective and highly efficient way of separating atmospherically critical areas from temperature extremes and environmental pollutants. In addition to their obvious use at entrance and exit points, the industrial PVC strip curtains are also becoming increasingly popular as a means of temporarily partitioning areas within larger facilities.

“With an in-depth knowledge of the requirements under HACCP, our team is able to customise solutions that consider all design and regulatory elements within an operation,” says Dessing.


The ineffective control of dust and insects, coupled with variances in temperature, result in hygiene as well as health and safety compliance problems.

With large volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in food manufacturing facilities as well as retail stores, the associated ingress of unwanted elements is a given.

Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that high quality strip curtains offer an affordable and viable solution for a number of these applications.

“Our Balledge® PVC strip curtains are equally at home in the food, pharmaceutical and heavy engineering industries as effective control mechanisms against various foreign elements,” Dessing says.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are transparent allowing unimpaired visibility. This eliminates accidental collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, while at the same time the specially formulated PVC provides durability for extended longevity.

Six specific elements are controlled by using Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains: humidity; noise; temperature; hygiene; dust; insects; health and safety.

In highly sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical or printing, control of the level of humidity is critical to ensure a high quality level of finished product.

Noisy machinery, especially in the printing and engineering environments, can be effectively enclosed with PVC strip curtains without obstructing the operator and hindering production.

“Tests have, in fact, shown that noise levels can be reduced over a range from 7 to 15 decibels to improve working conditions,” Dessing says.

In food processing and handling facilities, such as the dairy industry, keeping temperature at specific optimum levels can mean the difference between an acceptable product and one which must be rejected due to spoiling.

“Temperature control is crucial to the quality of valuable perishable cargoes destined for either export or domestic use,” Dessing adds.

“In addition, it’s important to ensure hygiene in such facilities and Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains have been found to contribute towards attaining acceptably high levels of hygiene,” Dessing says.

Temperature control is equally important in food preparation and storage, cold storage and freezer areas as well as in refrigerated trucks. Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains have a patented reinforced edge, referred to as the Balledge®, which ensures an overlapping secure seal whereby cold air is kept in and warm air is kept out to ensure maximum thermal control,” Dessing says.

In pharmaceutical and chemical plants PVC strip curtains are used to ensure dust free and hygienic manufacturing areas. The curtains are also used around pill packaging areas, in powder rooms, mixing rooms and warehouses.

“Maintaining a dust free environment is also important in the handling and packaging areas of manufacturing plants where clean surfaces are required to obtain adequate sealing of packaging material,” Dessing says.

In the food processing sector, there is a definite need for strip curtains in wash areas, deboning sections, mixing rooms, vacuum packing facilities, holding and freezer rooms or delivery trucks.

“It goes without saying that raw meat products are a big attractant for unwanted insects. Fortunately, the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains can control the presence of insects to ensure absolute hygiene,” Dessing says.

Open areas at dust filtration and extraction units can be enclosed using PVC strips and other applications are found in mine hostels, kitchens, food preparation areas and workshops.

“Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are locally manufactured in a quality controlled environment to customer specifications and measurements. In this way we guarantee complete customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner,” Dessing concludes.


Bottlenecks often occur when the volume of pedestrian, cart and man-ridden traffic inside facilities increases. This can lead to a decrease in functionality as well as productivity.

Wim Dessing, sales executive of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that it is critical to ensure that traffic is allowed to pass through openings in an unhindered manner to alleviate these issues.

“One of the first steps is to eliminate the stop, open, move through and manual actions that traditional single, one-way swing doors require,” he says.

The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door combines functionality with longevity and opens with a simple hand push or on impact from a cart or man-ridden vehicle such as a forklift truck. The door then automatically closes after traffic has passed through.

In spite of its lightweight construction, the Apex SR 9000 door is engineered and manufactured to be robust. Adding to its durability and low maintenance requirements, the perimeter edges on the door panels are bull nosed with a minimum radius of 8 mm. This prevents excessive wear on the edges.

High bumpers are also fitted to the door panel to further absorb impact from man-ridden vehicles and carts, as well as reduce stress on hardware and mount assemblies.

The patented ‘honeycomb’ framework and flexible urethane foam insulation give the door optimum stability and superior soundproofing qualities. This characteristic makes the Apex SR 9000 the perfect choice for use in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals, hotels, conference centres and restaurants.

In addition, the 3 mm ABS skin retains its physical properties down to temperatures of minus 40°C, making it ideal for walk-in cold rooms. The low maintenance skin is impervious to moisture, acids, petroleum products, animal fats, rodent, insects and salt solutions and is easily and quickly cleaned for rapid turnaround time.

High volumes of traffic present potentially high possibilities of accidents occurring. This is mitigated by the inclusion of standard vision panels in the Apex SR 9000 doors. Constructed from 3 mm clear polycarbonate sheeting, these panels are available in a number of custom sizes and are scratch-resistance and UBC compatible. Determination of the optimum mounting position of the windows allows for enhanced visibility, in accordance with safe operational requirements. For refrigerated areas, double panel vision panels can be installed.

“As with all applications, it is important to ascertain the optimum design elements for each customer’s specific needs. Our extended team of agents throughout South Africa are available to offer technical and installation support that ensures longevity combined with productivity within any workplace environment,” Dessing concludes.