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Efficiency of the supply chain, combined with employee wellbeing and satisfaction, are primary contributors to a productive workplace environment within manufacturing and storage facilities.

High speed roll up doors allow for rapid opening and closing and, together with their longer operating life and high safety standards, provide customers with an excellent return on investment as a result of faster turnaround times.

“If one also considers that high speed doors result in a more controlled ambient temperature inside facilities, their energy efficiency and contribution to a greener footprint and employee comfort becomes apparent,” says Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors.

“Temperature and humidity control are enhanced through the elimination of excessive through flow of warm or cold exterior air into the workspace. As an added benefit, due to their speed of operation, Apex high speed doors reduce the influx of insects and other airborne contaminants that negatively impact on both employee wellbeing and product quality,” Dessing adds.

Unhindered traffic flow remains a primary concern for businesses. The Apex range of high speed doors incorporates a counterweighted balancing system that not only ensures high standards of performance and safety but also provides fast, semi-automatic reopening.

The Apex Sector high speed roll-up doors offer both functionality and performance. They are unobtrusive, yet able to cope with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic. The design features the integration of the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems in one unit for cost efficiency and a reduced footprint.

The company’s range of Traffic high speed folding doors vary in sizes up to 8 000 mm wide and 
8 500 mm high, making them the perfect solution for medium and large entrances, particularly where windy conditions are a factor, such as shipment and warehouse areas. They are constructed from strong self-extinguishing Class 2 fabric which provides excellent thermal insulation and can also resist winds of up to 50 km per hour.

The Apex Smart Reset door’s self-repairing curtain automatically resets itself on the first opening and closing operation succeeding an accidental bump. This automatic reset action means that employees do not have to waste valuable time manually resetting the curtain.

“It is important to consider the size of opening, frequency of opening and closing and the volume of vehicular traffic when selecting a high speed door. The Apex Strip Curtains & Doors team works closely with customers to find a solution that will provide a good cost to performance ratio. Based on our large customer base and the extensive knowledge we have gained over the years, we are able to guarantee a positive contribution towards business productivity,” Dessing concludes.


High quality PVC strip curtains offer an affordable solution in applications where dirt, dust or insects need to be kept out and where hygiene, humidity, temperature and noise need to be controlled.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains offer another advantage apart from high quality manufacture, and this feature ensures longer life even under harsh operating conditions according to Wim Dessing, sales executive of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors.

Locally manufactured under stringent quality control conditions, Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains feature the patented Balledge® design which facilitates an optimal thermal seal. The specially reinforced edges on individual strips allows these to part easily under pressure allowing people and goods to move through unhindered. The rounded edge also ensures the strips do not snag or scratch goods or people as they move from one area to another.

Made from specially formulated PVC material which is transparent allowing good visibility between cordoned off areas, the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are equally at home in heavy engineering and light fabrication facilities as well as packaging and warehouse operations.

Dessing cites as an example instances where the product has been used to enclose loud machinery to contain noise levels or where it is used to control levels of humidity where this is critical to the quality of finished products.

“Tests have shown that PVC strip curtains can reduce noise levels by between seven and fifteen decibels, and this certainly assists in improving working conditions,” he says.

In packaging and warehousing operations where keeping the temperature at specific optimum levels is critical, use of strip curtains has proved invaluable. Applications where temperature control is important also include food preparation areas, cold storage and freezer areas, as well as refrigerated trucks. In such facilities, PVC strip curtains are also effective in keeping out dust and insects thereby maintaining high levels of hygiene.

Similarly, in pharmaceutical and chemical plants PVC strip curtains are used to ensure hygienic and dust-free manufacturing and packaging areas.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors has been manufacturing PVC strip curtains since 1981, and the company’s team is able to assess individual applications and propose the best fit solution to meet the operating parameters.


Zero tolerance is being exercised by the Department of Labour towards companies that do not comply with the health and safety regulations stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety  (OHS) Act. Wim Dessing, sales executive of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says this is particularly with regard to environments which are potentially hazardous to worker health.

“Welding and grinding are among the most notorious culprits for causing nasty accidents. This is not only in the immediate environment, but in the broader workplace through spreading noxious fumes and endangering the eyesight of those in the immediate vicinity,” he explains.

Dessing says it is not always feasible to provide solid wall barriers to counter UV radiation and weld splatter, due to cost as well as practicality, particularly in confined spaces.

“Some manufacturers resort to makeshift protective structures, erecting wooden or metallic partitions or even hanging opaque canvas sheeting from the ceiling and crossbeams,” Dessing continues. “None of these measures comply with the OHS Act and all fall far short of total worker protection and safety.”

The answer lies in installing Apex Welding and Safety Screens which not only protect workers from weld splatter and fumes, but also from harmful UV radiation.

Manufactured from a specially formulated PVC material which extensive SABS tests have proved to be far superior to conventional materials, the Apex Welding and Safety Screens come in various configurations to suit a variety of individual requirements. “The most popular version has a freestanding frame, allowing easy handling and portability,” Dessing says.

One of the most important design characteristics of the Apex Welding and Safety Screen is the patented Balledge® design on individual strips, which facilitates easy access for both personnel and equipment to cordoned-off areas.

“The feet of the screen are also angled to allow optimum utilisation of floor space,” Dessing adds. “And the screens can be butted together at a 900 angle.”

These features further promote ease of erection, making it simple to set up and arrange the screens in different shapes according to the specific demands of each particular workshop.

The screens absorb, scatter and filter the light spectrum to create a safer working environment for both the welder and any co-workers and supervisors in the immediate vicinity. Tested by the SABS for ultra-violet transmittance, conventional materials gave readings of 0.0005%, 0.008% and 5.0% as opposed to Apex readings of 0.005%, 0.001% and 0.005%. Tests for total visible light transmittance demonstrated incontestably that conventional materials permit 78% while Apex material allowed only 15.5% light transmittance – a dramatic difference, particularly when one considers long term exposure of workers and the consequent repercussions on their eyesight and even their skin.

“The Apex Welding and Safety Screens have the added advantage of being impervious to burning,” Dessing says. “This is important because materials can easily come into contact with welding splatter.”

Dessing cautions, however, that the welding screens are not intended as a substitute for proper eye protection nor to permit direct viewing of welding arcs at close range.