Electric motor applications require a reliable, robust fit-for-purpose product that will give the end user the requisite low total cost of ownership. Fanie Steyn, manager responsible for rotating machines at Zest WEG Group, says it is encouraging that most industries in southern Africa have woken up to the fact that purchasing the standard efficiency motor is not the best long-term option.

As the leading supplier of electric motors in southern Africa, Zest WEG Group offers the most comprehensive range of low voltage electric motors available on the continent.

In previous years, all WEG low voltage electric motors were manufactured at WEG Brazil, but today this major group’s manufacturing network extends to four continents. All facilities adhere to stringent quality control processes, are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and motors meet all the requisite international standards and regulations.

“The depth of the WEG low voltage range of electric motors allows us to offer customers the best fit for individual applications, and we are also able to draw from a product line-up of motors that are engineered for specific application requirements,” Steyn says.

The WEG low voltage electric motor range starts from 0,18 kW motors that would be used to drive small fans or used in exhaust applications and goes up to 1,250 kW motors which would drive massive ventilation fans or pumps.

Significantly, Zest WEG Group has such confidence in WEG motors that all the WEG W22 low voltage units now carry a five-year guarantee as standard.

Electric motors for specialised applications would include slip ring motors, roller table motors, saw arbor motors, gas pump motors, pad mounted motors, smoke extraction motors, permanent magnet motors, cooling tower motors and wash down motors for hygienic applications.

“Another significant trend reaping benefits for customers is the move towards using premium efficiency electric motors, also known as IE3,” Steyn says. “While WEG electric motors are still available in standard efficiency, also known as IE1, there is a remarkable increase in customers requesting IE3 motors because of the obvious energy savings that can be achieved.”

Zest WEG Group operates an extensive branch and distributor network ensuring easy access for customers across the sub-Saharan region. Steyn says customer demand across the region is carefully monitored and stockholding at its head office and branches is maintained in accordance with this to ensure the highest possible level of access to our premium product. The group’s nine strategically located branches in sub-Saharan Africa are supported by a team of skilled competent technicians in the field.

Underpinning this support to industry, is the motor related product training offered by Zest WEG Group to its customer base.

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