Metric Automotive Engineering is offering the latest metal deposition technology for repairing water jackets on engine blocks. The worst degradation occurs at the block face where it meets the cylinder head, which can be due to coolant contamination or a lack of corrosion inhibitors. Damage to the sealing surface is repaired traditionally by milling away the affected material.

However, the more material that is machined off, the shorter the lifespan of the engine block. “Our main aim is to extend the life of components. In this regard, we have a process that combines pre-machining with metal deposition,” Andrew Yorke, operations director, says.

“The advantage of metal deposition versus welding is that there is no heat. You are talking about a 45°C degree work-surface temperature versus a weld can that go up to 600°C to 700°C. As a result there is no heat stress or distortion, resulting in a chemical bond that resists corrosion even better than the virgin block material,” Yorke says.

“We can vary the material we use for the metal deposition depending on the application,” Yorke adds. A water jacket repaired in this fashion will outperform one that has been repaired traditionally. The long term benefits are: (a) your water jacket is now sealing on material that is designed to be exposed to poor coolant and (b) having a lot more deck height on the engine block prolongs the service life,” Yorke explains.

He adds that metal deposition is particularly suited for mining customers, who often operate in harsh and remote environments where water and fuel contamination is a common problem. “We can offer tangible benefits to our customers by making such technology available,” Yorke says.

Metric Automotive Engineering is South Africa’s most comprehensively equipped heavy diesel engine and component re-manufacturer. Established as a family business in 1969, the company has a strong ethos of investing in both quality equipment and expert personnel. This attitude towards customer service and constant product innovation has sustained the company since its inception.

Metric Automotive Engineering can refurbish large diesel engine components and offers services such as cylinder head remanufacture, cylinder block line boring, milling, honing and boring, camshaft grinding, crankshaft grinding, engine assembly and dynamometer testing. Subsidiary Reef Fuel Injection Services offers Bosch, Delphi and Denso approved fuel injection services and is acknowledged as the specialist in CAT fuel systems.

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