Locally manufactured by Weir Minerals Africa, the Cavex® CVXT tile lined hydrocyclones is available in a large range of sizes to process any feed tonnage requirement. All components are designed for ease of maintenance and efficient operation.

The Cavex® CVXT tile lined hydrocyclone features unique laminar spiral inlet geometry designed to deliver sharper separation, maximum capacity and, importantly, a longer wear life than conventional involute and tangential feed inlet designs.

This innovative design provides a natural flow path into the cyclone body, allowing the feed stream to blend smoothly with the rotating slurry inside the chamber. The result is greatly reduced turbulence through the whole cyclone, dramatically improving the separation efficiency of the hydrocyclone.

The Cavex® CVXT hydrocyclone can be fitted with an extended barrel which maximises efficiency by increasing the residence time in the hydrocyclone. This is especially for ore with a high content of near density materials. The hydrocyclone is also available with different overflow configuration options to suit operational needs.

To maintain separate efficiency at different operating yields and spigot sizes, a wide range of vortex finder sizes ranging from 0.4 to 0.5 is available. These are designed to maintain a strong air-core at the different sizes. The spigot sizes range from normal to extra high capacity to accommodate low yield ores. These can also be manufactured in different material to prolong the hydrocyclone life and efficiency.

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