Enhanced corrosion resistance is a given with Andrew Mentis’ Rectagrid RS40 (40/40) floor grating making it the ideal solution for any industrial application.

Rectagrid RS40 (40/40) floor grating is manufactured in a world class facility at Elandsfontein, Johannesburg using a pressure locking system pioneered by Andrew Mentis. Quality control during the manufacturing process ensures that close tolerances are maintained, and that the round transversal bar fits tightly through the pierced bearer bar.

“Our manufacturing process which produces unquestionable locking characteristics guarantees the structural integrity of the product, and gives customer absolute peace of mind,” Lance Quinlan, national technical sales consultant at Andrew Mentis, says. Rectagrid RS40 (40/40) is formed through a process of compressive pressure locking of bearer bars and transversals to form an exact pitch of 40 mm by 40 mm.

Quinlan says that to be considered ‘good’, floor grating elements need to meet certain non-negotiable criteria. “The transversals must be positively and permanently locked to the bearer bars.

“There should be no cracks or crevices at intersections which could harbour corrosion and the locking method at the intersections should be designed to use the full depth of the bearer bar when calculating loads,” he adds. “Finally, the grating panels should be flat, square and untwisted.”

Quinlan says that because the intersection locking is so positive and strong, it is not necessary to band this grating. “For that reason, we went a stage further and arranged for the panels to leave the rolling mill finished on half pitch all round. This means we can now lay panels adjacent to each other to maintain a perfectly patterned floor with no banding. This is known as the ‘open ended system’. However, if customers require banded grating, we have the facilities to accommodate this.

“Rectagrid RS80 (80/40) is identical to RS40 (40/40) grating except that we simply omit every second bearer bar, giving an 80 mm pitch bearer bar. However, it still has a 40 mm pitch transversal. Because RS80 (80/40) has only half the number of bearer bars, the permissible load it can carry is only 50% that of RS40 (40/04),” he explains.

Manufactured locally from raw materials supplied by Mittal, Rectagrid is a highly engineered product that has been successfully tested in the field.

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