Workplace demarcation in manufacturing facilities has become more important as companies streamline processes and implement best practice policies.

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says the company has seen a marked increase in the use of specialised PVC strip curtaining to cordon off areas and clearly identify the flow of work.

“Floor markings are something we encounter in some way every day. This method of demarcating areas where people are able to walk within a facility allows for quick visual identification, but there is also the need to cordon off various sections for quality control or safety reasons,” Dessing says. “And this is where the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains play such an important role.”

Significantly, this locally manufactured product has been available in South Africa for more than 45 years and apart from its high quality boasts the unique patented Balledge® on both sides of individual strips.

“The Balledge® is a major differentiator that customers recognise,” Dessing says. The reinforced rounded edge on the strip ensures the perfect thermal close, but just as importantly it allows the strips to part easily to allow access to pedestrians as well as pallet trucks, forklifts and other motorised equipment.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are manufactured at the company’s facility in Founder’s View, Modderfontein and is available in three standard sizes; 200 mm wide x 2mm thick, 300 mm wide x 3 mm thick and 400 mm wide x 4 mm thick. The material is generally installed on either a galvanised or stainless steel bracket, but can also be purchased on a metre by metre basis for installation by the end-user.

The specially formulated PVC material is normally supplied as transparent which facilitates optimum visibility and safety. It is, however, available is selected colours should this be required and Dessing says that in some applications this assist with work area demarcation.

Installation of Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains protects areas from the ingress of dust, smoke and insects, and also assists in preventing either hot or cold air from entering. The strips are UV stabilised and have a high wear resistance.

Dessing says that the company’s technical team is experienced at assessing individual applications and advising the customer on the most appropriate solution.

Apex Strip Curtains are used to demarcate work flow areas
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