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Increased technological collaboration between Multotec and its sister companies in Europe is releasing added value for customers around Africa and beyond, according to Multotec’s vice president screening media, Roy Roche.

“While Multotec is well known for a diverse range of screening media offerings for all commodities across the mining sector, this technical sharing process will benefit local customers and even open doors for us into new markets and industries,” says Roche. “Working more closely with our global partners, we now have the opportunity to grow our presence into the aggregate segment and even industrial segments like food.”

He notes that Multotec’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities – including screening media manufactured from wedgewire, polyurethane polymers, rubber compounds, ceramic compounds and various forms of steel – allows it to share lessons in best practice and cutting-edge technology with its northern hemisphere partners.

In turn, the involvement of many of these firms in the aggregate sector has already opened doors for Multotec to share benefits with its local customers in terms of aggregate screening.

“Our sister companies – who are headquartered mainly in Germany – have almost a century of experience in their respective fields,” says Roche. “Their expertise can therefore feed valuably into Multotec’s mining product evolution cycle with technology in areas such as fixing systems, ease of installation and flexibility of polymers.”

Cooperation to date has allowed the sharing of design and technical insights, as well as ideas on manufacturing techniques, with experts meeting at screening workshops and sales conferences. Among the matters discussed are issues such as accuracy of screening, the prevention of pegging and blinding on screen media, and the replaceability of panels.

Roche emphasises the ‘golden thread’ running through Multotec’s approach to customer service and technological development – from concept and design stage, through manufacture and installation to performance monitoring, feedback and design modification.

“This feedback loop has led to the continuous improvement of our products, adding value with each new enhancement,” he says.

He highlights that there are few, if any, other companies in the world that can match Multotec’s design and manufacturing capability in screening media, allowing the company to consider expanding its applications.

“Our position as a leader in screening media also means that we are invited, for instance, onto dedicated working groups on mines’ maintenance management, where we provide input on strategies for higher productivity and cost effectiveness,” says Roche.