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Choosing an appropriate maintenance package from an original equipment manufacturer is a key step in the journey towards sustainable productivity enhancements.

According to Willie van Wyk, general manager at FLSmidth, the company’s range of Krebs slurry pumps come with a range of maintenance options that drive productivity and reduce plant downtime.

“Pump audits are important, as these create benchmarks for improvement programmes, using indices like inlet and discharge pressure, flow rate and solids concentration to indicate problem areas and measure performance improvements,” he says. “Condition monitoring also helps avoid unscheduled maintenance, and includes the systematic documenting of vibrations and recording of pump maintenance activities.”

Van Wyk says this approach also can reduce power consumed by pumps, and achieve longer lifespan for gland seals and bearings. As part of the maintenance programme, he highlights the features of the Krebs millMAX™ slurry pump range which allows fine-tuning while the units are still running thereby enhancing productivity.

“These adjustments to the millMAX™ range of pumps, for heavy duty output and abrasive slurries, are done on the suction side sealing through an adjustable wear ring. This avoids any recirculation and grinding of slurry which could lead to power loss,” he says. “This fine-tuning means that the pump does not have to speed up to maintain higher levels of production. By closing the gap between the impeller and suction liner, the flow and head stays constant in the pump.”

By remaining operational through the fine-tuning process, plant stoppages are avoided so efficiency and throughput can continuously be optimised. Van Wyk emphasises the value of performance-based pump maintenance and servicing agreements, which contain specific measures to document results.

“In implementing these agreements, customers have access to the expertise of FLSmidth’s Pump Technical Group, who bring their experience in a vast range of applications around the world,” he says.

FLSmidth’s focus on lifecycle cost aims to improve pump performance and cut operating costs. Essentially, choosing the right maintenance package will lower the total cost of ownership of vital pumping equipment.