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CHRYSO Southern Africa has released a new end-to-end range of concrete admixtures specifically for dry and semi-dry precast applications.

“Each product in this range meets high performance levels in terms of concrete compaction, mechanical strength and aesthetic quality,” says Hannes Engelbrecht, general manager inland sales at CHRYSO Southern Africa.

The range includes CHRYSO® Alpha for all dry and semi-dry precast applications, as well as specific admixtures for blocks (CHRYSO® Alpha Block), paving stones (CHRYSO® Alpha Pave), kerbs (CHRYSO® Alpha K), and pipes and hollow slabs (CHRYSO® Alpha T).

For even higher performance ratios – unrivalled in the market – the company has developed CHRYSO® Alpha Block L540, CHRYSO® Alpha K216 and CHRYSO® Alpha Pave 305.

Adding to their innovativeness, the company has also introduced a new range of efflorescence reducers called CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600, 300 and 100.

CHRYSO has also pioneered a dedicated array of immediate mould-release products and services in its CHRYSO® Dem range, which is designed to meet any precast and construction requirements.

“The new range allows manufacturers to reduce total cost of ownership. For example, precast paving manufacturers are able to optimise total cementitious contents, while reducing pigment dosages and still produce quality paving blocks. Further advantages producers can expect are improved aesthetics better colour stability, colour intensities and swipe and increased output in production as well as reduced energy consumption,” says Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht highlights that CHRYSO Southern Africa’s team of technical experts is always on hand to offer advice, as well as provide superior formulations that integrate into customers’ manufacturing processes. Backing up this service is in-house laboratory support to meet specific requirements, ensuring that solutions deliver the best cost-performance ratio. There is also a colour lab to assist with tailored colour requirements.

“Our innovative, hi-tech approach includes the conducting of material diagnostics for the customer, analysing their requirements to find the right products in our dry-cast concrete range that will best suit their process and provide the optimal performance,” he says.

The new CHRYSO® products use latest-generation molecules to achieve unprecedented performance levels.


Decorative concrete solutions can raise the aesthetic value of both new projects and renovations, and CHRYSO Southern Africa is able to provide leading edge expertise and products to customers in the region.

Since a well-known French decorative concrete company became part of the CHRYSO Group, its offerings have significantly enhanced CHRYSO’s range of concrete additives. It has also added certain technologies to SA-based a.b.e. Construction Chemical’s various market channels.

For new concrete, CHRYSO’s solutions vary from stamped concrete and sanded-effect concrete, to exposed aggregate concrete and luminescent concrete – to name just a few. The CHRYSO® DuraPrint process creates unique horizontal surfaces of stamped concrete in applications like pavements and playgrounds, resembling natural materials like stone, wood or paving stones. For walls, whether interior or exterior, CHRYSO® Vertic’Art technology allows decorative effects to be created with use of reliefs, textures and colours on fresh concrete.

A non-slip sanded effect is also on offer for new concrete; CHRYSO® GraniStab® makes a concrete slab look like a continuous granite surface, while CHRYSO® ColorStab® gives a stabilised sanded effect that is good for heavy footfall.

For both aesthetic and safety value, luminescent concrete contains particles that glow brightly in the dark – making CHRYSO® Lumin P and P+ the perfect solution for pathways, pool sides and patios. The range of products for new concrete developments also includes shaped, pervious and coloured concrete solutions.

The products are also ideal for renovating old concrete surfaces, with effects and screeds to rejuvenate the look and durability of worn or damaged concrete. A popular choice for contemporary interiors is the high quality mineral effect provided by the millimetric Béton Ciré range; suitable for hotels, restaurants, homes and other environments, it can be applied on floors, walls, furniture and worktops in a wide range of colours.

There is also the Microscreed process, a thinner alternative to stamped concrete, on offer with CHRYSO® RenoPrint – creating the appearance of natural materials but measuring only 6-10 mm thick. An even thinner coating of just 2 mm is available with CHRYSO® Texture Top® – suitable for esplanades, pavements, terraces and paths; the textured surface over old concrete is anti-slip and provides excellent mechanical resistance.


The products for concrete renovations include a quick-drying resin finish for outdoor (CHRYSO® ResiCoat), patina’s for restoring colour (CHRYSO® ColorTop Patinas) and ink dyes for dense and polished concretes.


Concrete admixture users have wasted no time in taking up the testing and advisory services of Chryso Southern Africa’s new Centre of Excellence, which provides a complementary role to specialist testing laboratories.

Opened just six months ago by the leading admixture producer, the Centre has seen growing demand from customers and has quadrupled its staff complement to keep up.

“We face a very busy 2018,” says the company’s Laboratory Development Manager Ronette Smit. “The Centre represents a substantial expansion of our laboratory testing facilities, which now boast ultra-modern equipment and temperature control systems to offer cement, concrete and construction systems technology as an added-value service to our customers.”

Smit says the Centre provides tailor made solutions to match specific applications, and can recommend the suitable cement additive – and dosage – to cost effectively boost concrete mix performance.

“The Centre of Excellence also plays a key role in the Chryso Group’s new product formulations,” she says. “While most are based on customer needs, some are the result of new technology developed either at the Chryso Group’s head office in France or in-house in South Africa.”

The facility can test and modify new products from French headquarters, to ensure that these admixtures perform equally well in a concrete mix with South African aggregates. The difference between the sand used in South Africa and in Europe, for instance, needs to be taken into account. Local new developments are handled by Mpume Mlalazi, Chryso SA’s Research and Development (R&D) Manager.

According to Sthembile Hlubi, Chryso SA’s Technical Manager – Cement, the Centre of Excellence includes five specific laboratories: Cement; Concrete; separate R&D units for both Chryso and its subsidiary, a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ products; and a Quality Control laboratory.

While the Centre currently focuses on wet concrete products, the service will soon encompass testing and recommendations on dry precast products such as concrete roof tiles. Brick and block making will also be added to the list of testing services, for which a special block press is to be installed.

A further addition to the facility will be a cement ball mill to grind crushed materials, which Chryso SA expects to have fully operational by early 2018.