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It makes sense that Firebreak SA, a company focused on providing quality safety and fire solutions to industry, would select Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains to cordon off its receiving and despatch area at its facility in Alrode, Johannesburg.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are manufactured from specially formulated PVC material which can withstand the movement of both pedestrians and motorised materials handling equipment without snagging or scratching.
The ends of the individual strip are reinforced by the patented Balledge® which when closed allows an efficient seal preventing unwanted contaminants from entering the cordoned off area.

Receiving and despatch areas are often a hub of activity with products being received from suppliers, and others being despatched to customers daily

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that it is not uncommon for companies to want to control the ingress of dust and foreign particles at such facilities, especially delivery vehicles moving in and out most of the working day creating excessive dust.

“There was, however, an additional need at Firebreak SA, and this was to supply a solution that would allow the entrance to be opened completely, when necessary,” Dessing says.

This was accomplished by installing the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains on a sliding rail in the opening.
The specially designed track allows the strip curtaining installation to be opened to allow vehicles to access the area, and then closed once the vehicle has left.

Dessing Jnr says the company has been supplying fit-for-purpose products for door openings in industrial and retail facilities for more than 40 years and works closely with customers to find appropriate solutions. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors supplies general purpose strip curtains, high impact traffic doors and high speed roll-up doors.


Two high-speed, roll-up Sector doors have been installed by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors at a Gauteng gold refinery, following a detailed assessment of application requirements by the expert Apex team.

Operations manager at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, James Candy, says the doors were installed inside the refinery to form an air lock measuring about six metres in distance between the processing and storage areas.

“The Sector door is a more compact solution that requires less space. It is well suited to the smaller opening of just 2,4 metres by 2,8 metres between the two areas at the customer’s facility,” says Candy. “This is made possible through a design that integrates the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems into one unit, allowing a reduced footprint while also being cost efficient.”

He says that the automatically controlled doors are ideal for this type of application, facilitating a more stable ambient temperature in the facility.
As the forklift and pedestrian traffic enters the air lock area, the opposite door opens only when the entry door has been closed; the doors’ high speed operation ensures that temperature is well controlled while the movement of traffic is not unduly impeded.

“High-speed roll-up doors allow for rapid opening and closing, while offering longer operating life and high safety standards,” he emphasises. “The design incorporates a counterweighted balancing system that ensures high standards of performance and safety, while capable of coping with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic.”

Candy adds that the frame was specially powder-coated to deal with the high chemical levels in the processing area, providing a coating that protects it against erosion in corrosive environments.


Continued operation of open refrigerated display cabinets after trading hours translates into unnecessarily high electricity consumption. And it can also result in premature compressor failure due to the extended duty cycles of these units.

Seemanns, a name well recognised for the supply of quality meat and meat products, recently addressed this issue with the installation of Apex Roller Blinds on its upright refrigerated display units. This was done to both conserve energy and ensure optimum quality of the products stored in these units.

Locally manufactured from a specially formulated durable aluminium material, the Apex Roller Blinds provide a cost effective manner of reducing energy losses outside of trading hours. The thermal properties of the material prevent the cold air from escaping out of the refrigerated cabinets. And this ensures that optimum temperature control is easily achieved, extending the life of the perishable goods in the unit as constant temperature eliminates condensation and ice build-up. The material is also easy to clean and resistant to mould and algae.

Apex Roller Blinds provide an effective temperature control solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate. The cassette is fitted at the top of the upright display unit, and once the store has closed the blind is simply pulled across the cabinet opening and secured in a mechanism at the bottom. The process is reversed just before opening the store the next day. When opened, the Apex Roller Blinds installed on the display cabinets at Seemanns are completelyout of sight.

A critical advantage of the locally manufactured Apex Roller blind is that it can be customised to ensure a snug fit into non-standard refrigerated display cabinets. This is important as refrigerated display unit sizes can vary quite substantially and using a blind that provides the “closest fit” will not be an effective solution.

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that such are the savings achieved when using the Apex Roller Blind that the capital outlay can be recovered within months. The company produces roller blinds for upright and island refrigerated units, and these are available either in manual configuration or motorised allowing automated shutting.


Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains have long been considered one of the most cost effective manners of cordoning off areas in a manufacturing or production area, and this solution was recently applied at Germiston-based CT Hydraulics’ facility.

In this particular application, the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains were installed on a specially designed sliding track on the entrance into the spray booth area at this hydraulic manufacturing and refurbishment company.

Large hydraulic components are moved on trolleys into and out of the spray booth area, and while it was necessary to contain the spray and residue, it was also necessary to facilitate an opening big enough for the unimpaired movement of items.

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that this was accomplished by using the sliding track which allows the strip curtains to be moved to the left and to the right creating the desired opening. “Had a fixed installation of strip curtains been used, it would have hampered the movement of the hydraulic components, potentially affected the finished paintwork and over time the strip would have become damaged,” Dessing Jnr says.

The Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains feature the patented Balledge® reinforced strip which not only provides the optimal thermal close when the curtains are closed, but also allows the individual strips to part easily allowing personnel to move in and out of the area.

Taking safety into account, this Apex General Purpose Strip Curtain incorporates a red warning strip at each end of the curtaining installation as well as in the middle. This clearly visibly demarcates the opening. This installation is 3,1 metres high and 5 metres wide, with individual strips that are 300 mm wide.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains can be used to control the influx of hot or cold air, reduce the dust levels as well as prevent the ingress of birds, rodents and insects. Additional benefits include the reduction of noise levels from both inside and outside.

The strips are available on a metre by metre basis, or as complete installation together with hanging hardware. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is represented throughout South Africa by a network of agents that also offer technical and installation support.


Helping warehouses, plants and shipment areas to raise turnaround times and safety levels while reducing downtime is the innovative Smart Reset roll-up door from industry leader Apex Strip Curtains & Doors.

This heavy duty door is equipped with an integral electronic safety device that automatically reverses its motion if an obstacle is encountered when the door is closing. Also, the bottom passive edge of the Apex Smart Reset Door is made of flexible and shock-proof material, protecting the door itself from damage – while two photocells mounted inside the casing of the door augments the electronic system to ensure that the curtain rolls uniformly.

Downtime is kept to a minimum with features such as the door’s automatic ‘fix’ characteristic. While the nature of the operations conducted through roll-up doors makes the sides vulnerable to being dislodged, this design allows it to recover automatically with a simple opening and closing operation.

If the door is inadvertently hit by a vehicle or object passing through, the hinges will come off the guides since the side hinges on the door slide along special guides, together with the flexible curtain ends. This avoids damage to the flexible curtain itself.

The Apex Smart Reset Door is also well equipped to deal with power failures and malfunctions. Fitted with a release lever, it can be opened from either side. It can be activated by any type of remote control equipment, including photocells, pressure-sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops – as it is controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all IEC regulations.

Its unobtrusive design makes it ideal for openings of up to two metres high and four metres wide, and it can be equipped with an optional inverter system to make it easy to adjust its opening and closing speeds. To reduce stress on mechanical components and improve the door’s reliability and longevity, there are soft-start and soft-stop features.

Equally strong and durable is the curtain itself; manufactured in Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester, it can withstand winds of up to 120 km/h. The panel sections are interchangeable and connected by extruded aluminium profiles which reinforce the entire door – further reducing maintenance requirements.


The patented Balledge® design used on Apex Welding and Safety Screens is a major advantage as this aids access into cordoned off areas for workers without snagging or scratching, increasing safety in the workplace.

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains, explains that the reinforced edge on the individual strips allows these to part easily, facilitating access for both personnel and equipment.

Locally manufactured Apex Welding and Safety Screens have contributed significantly to improved safety in many manufacturing facilities in southern Africa. The innovative p.v.c. screening material is used to cordon off welding and grinding bays.

Made from specially formulated material, which incorporates a heavy duty ultra violet light absorber, the Apex Welding and Safety Screens give end users assurance that dangerous u.v. radiation is safely contained in the curtained off area. This protects workers in close vicinity to welding and grinding activities.

Extensive tests conducted by the SABS proved the Apex Welding and Safety Screen material is superior to conventional material used for these products.

Tested for ultra-violet transmittance, the conventional material gave readings of 0,005%, 0,008% and 5.0% as opposed to the Apex readings of 0,005%, 0,001 and 0,005%. When tested for total visible light transmittance, the tests were conclusive – the conventional material allowed 78 % while the Apex material allowed only 15,5% light transmittance.

Apex Welding and Safety Screens are impervious to burning, and this is of particular importance should the material come into contact with welding splatter.

Available in several configurations to suit individual applications, the most popular version is the free-standing frame that facilitates both easy handling and portability. The screens’ angled feet allow optimum utilisation of the floor space as the screens can be butted together at 90 degree angles.

Made from specially formulated material the Apex Welding and Safety Screens give end users assurance that dangerous u.v. radiation is safely contained in the curtained off area.


Insulated impact traffic doors are often used to shield customers from services areas such ablutions, loading and refuse areas, but when it comes to doorways between hospitality areas and kitchens there is a far more appropriate solution – the Apex SCP Traffic Door.

The Birchwood Conference Centre is undergoing extensive renovations and recognised the need for a door that could handle the high pedestrian traffic between kitchen areas and patron hospitality areas but also wanted an aesthetically pleasing door that would blend in with the new décor.

The Apex SCP Traffic Door was chosen for this purpose, and according to Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, one of the reasons was that the door could be customised to meet the specific application requirement and importantly the company was able to match the colour of the door to the surrounding area.

“This means that the door adds to the aesthetic appeal of the environment in the restaurants and bars, and is not an obtrusive structure,” Dessing Jnr says.

Apart from aesthetic appeal of the Apex SCP Traffic Door, its functionality is also important due to the constant movement of waitrons between the hospitality areas and the kitchens. It is important in applications such as this to install a door that offers a self-closing mechanism which will stand up to the high volume of pedestrian traffic.

“It makes no sense to use a conventional door in this type of thoroughfare as standard door hinges will not cope with the constant opening and closing,” he explains.

The Apex SCP incorporates the Easy Swing Hinge System pioneered by Eliason in the USA more than 30 years ago. Today, this is still considered the smoothest operating and most reliable hinge system on the market and is used across the world.

Apex SCP Traffic doors are constructed from 18 mm MDF or Supawood and cladded on both sides with high pressure laminate. The edges of the door are capped with 0.9 mm stainless steel and are available with either a 500 mm or 1 000 mm stainless steel impact plate. In addition to this, scratch resistant acrylic vision panels are set in black rubber mouldings to facilitate enhanced visibility between the areas.

To date, two Apex SCP Traffic Doors have been installed at the Birchwood Conference Centre, and an order has been received for a third.

Dessing says that a different solution was applied to the areas where traffic through doorways includes catering trolleys and other wheeled apparatus. The Apex SR 9000 Impact Traffic Door is capable of withstanding high impact from trolleys, bins with merchandise and general refuse bins as well as high pedestrian traffic.

The durable Apex SR 9000 door can easily be installed in existing or new openings, and can be matched to the décor in the area as well. The door offers little resistance to traffic and has a full 180 degree swing. Each door has the option of a clear window to allow enhanced visibility and its hinges are stainless steel and of robust design providing trouble-free service.

In total, five Apex SR 9000 Impact Traffic Doors have been supplied to the conference centre to date, all of which are fitted with bumpers to protect against damage from trolleys.


Companies continue to bemoan the fact that ineffective control of dust and insects, coupled with variances in temperature, result in hygiene, and health and safety compliance problems.

With large volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic food manufacturing facilities as well as retail stores, the associated ingress of unwanted elements is a given.

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that high quality strip curtains offer an affordable and viable solution for a number of applications.

“Our Balledge® PVC strip curtains are equally at home in the food, pharmaceutical and heavy engineering industries as effective control mechanisms against various foreign elements,” Dessing says.

Apex Strip Curtains are transparent allowing unimpaired visibility which eliminates accidental collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, yet at the same time the specially formulated PVC is durable for extended longevity.

Six specific elements are controlled by using Apex Strip Curtains: humidity; noise; temperature; hygiene; dust; insects; health and safety.

In highly sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical or printing, control of the level of humidity is critical to ensure a high quality level of finished product.

Noisy machinery, especially in the printing and engineering environments, can be effectively enclosed with PVC strip curtains without obstructing the operator and hindering production. “Tests have, in fact, shown that noise levels can be reduced over a range from 7 to 15 decibels to improve working conditions,” Dessing says.

In food processing and handling facilities such as the dairy industry, keeping temperature at specific optimum levels can mean the difference between an acceptable product and one which has to be rejected due to spoiling. “Temperature control is crucial to the quality of valuable perishable cargoes destined for either export or domestic use,” Dessing adds.

“In addition, it’s important to ensure hygiene in such facilities and Apex Strip Curtains have been found to contribute towards attaining acceptably high levels of hygiene,” Dessing says.

Temperature control is equally important in a number of instances including food preparation and storage, cold storage and freezer areas as well as in refrigerated trucks. Apex Strip Curtains have a patented reinforced edge, referred to as the Balledge®, which ensures an overlapping secure seal whereby cold air is kept in and warm air is kept out to ensure maximum thermal control,” Dessing says.

In pharmaceutical and chemical plants PVC strip curtains are used to ensure dust free and hygienic manufacturing areas. The curtains are also used around pill packaging areas, in powder rooms, mixing rooms and warehouses. “Maintaining a dust free environment is also important in the handling and packaging areas of manufacturing plants where clean surfaces are required to obtain adequate sealing of packaging material,” Dessing says.

In the food processing sector, there is a definite need for strip curtains in wash areas, deboning sections, mixing rooms, vacuum packing facilities, holding and freezer rooms or delivery trucks. “It goes without saying that raw meat products are a big attractant for unwanted insects. Fortunately, the Apex Strip Curtains are able to control the presence of insects to ensure absolute hygiene,” Dessing says.

Open areas at dust filtration and extraction units can be enclosed using PVC strips and other applications are found in mine hostels, kitchens, food preparation areas and workshops.

“Apex Strip Curtains are locally manufactured in a quality controlled environment to customer specifications and measurements. In this way we guarantee complete customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner,” Dessing concludes.


Known for its lightweight yet rugged construction, the Apex SR 9000 heavy duty insulated impact traffic door also offers ease of maintenance and long service life. The locally manufactured doors open easily, operate smoothly and allow for safe, damage free passage for personnel and equipment.

Available from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, the Apex SR 9000 door is suitable for majority of application where both pedestrian and motorised traffic move from one area of a facility to another.

All SR 9000 doors feature a patented ABS outer shell forming a thick panel that retains its physical properties even in conditions where temperatures reach as low as minus 40°C. The door body is impervious to moisture, acid, petroleum products, animal fats, rodents, insects and salt solutions. This makes it ideal for all types of environments including refrigerated or wash down areas.

The Apex SR 9000 door features bull nosed perimeter edges which prevent excessive wear on the edges. The doors are all mounted on an internal welded steel perimeter with corner gussets. Gasket keys are moulded in place and retain gasketing without the use of screws, rivets or other fasteners. Replacement of gasketing is simple and easily done on site.

Optional polyethylene spring bumpers, impact plates, partial edge gasketing, lower hinge guards and double pane vision panels are all available.


In engineering and manufacturing, warehouses and workshops often become heat chambers in a hot summer as is currently being experienced in most parts of the country. Doors left open to allow access for people and equipment also let in hot air, which is trapped in the building and reheated by the greenhouse effect, causing excessive heat build-up.

“It’s a proven fact that a comfortable worker is a productive worker, yet many industrial managers in both large and small operations do not realise they can improve working conditions immeasurably in hot buildings by simply controlling air movement,” says Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains.

Dessing’s company offers a range of products that make it easy to control the working environment. Locally manufactured Apex SR 900 high impact traffic doors are insulated impact resistant swing doors, designed for efficient long life use in high traffic, impact-opening applications.

Built to withstand traffic from both pedestrians and forklifts, the Apex SR 900 door is a fully gasketed heavy duty impact swing door which opens easily and closes under its own weight. Insulated with polyurethane, this robust impact door is ideal for application where temperature control is vital, or where ingress of dust, insects or noise must be prevented.

The door retains its physical properties in both high and low temperature environments and is impervious to moisture, acid, animal fats, insects, salt solutions and petroleum products. Besides being durable and robust, this door provides excellent sound attenuation.

Another popular option, Dessing says, is the range of high speed roll-up or fold-up doors which includes the Traffic and Sector units. All offer rapid automated opening and closing, as well as efficient thermal insulation and a highly effective wind barrier.

The doors are aesthetically pleasing in a range of colours and are made from durable, flexible polyesters and PVCs. The electronic componentry is modern, compact and self-contained to allow quick and easy installation in doorways and passages.

A variety of activation options, from floor mats to beepers, is available and all doors have a back-up emergency opening capability. Unless otherwise required, doors have a transparent panel for through-vision.

The company is also well-known for its patented, balledged strip curtains, which have proved itself in innumerable applications in South Africa and abroad.

“Strip curtains are a very inexpensive way to cover a door opening to prevent the ingress of hot air yet still allow easy passage. Strips are made from specially formulated PVC that doesn’t become brittle with use and stays transparent for through-viewing and added safety. The balledge on the strips don’t snag or catch on people or goods passing through, strengthening the strips for a long service life as well,” Dessing explains.

“All our products are modular in design, providing flexibility for either retrofitting or greenfields installation. Specifications and advice are readily available, and Apex’s philosophy is to provide the best solution for long-term, cost-effective environment-control,” Dessing concludes.