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Andrew Mentis offers the advantage of an open-ended system (OES) on its RS40 (40/40) Rectagrid floor grating panels. This eliminates the banding of panels and because no welding is required, corrosion is minimised.

Lance Quinlan, marketing manager at Andrew Mentis explains that accurate pitching provides aesthetically pleasing pattern matching and an unjointed appearance when one joins open-ended panels. “In addition, the Rectagrid OES simplifies design and erection, and reduces cost to customer,” he says.

Rectagrid is formed by the unique Mentis process of compressive locking of bearer bars and transversals. This process ensures permanent locking and accurate bearer bar pitching, resulting in the industry’s safest grating. Manufactured in compliance with the international ISO 9001 quality management system, Rectagrid grating has a maximum width of 1 440 mm and a maximum length of 4 760 mm.

All transverse bars on the Rectagrid OES are 7.7 mm in diameter and the RS40 (40/40) Rectagrid panels finish on half pitches in both directions, with an allowance for a 4 mm clearance between the panels. “Saddle clamps will automatically hold panels at full-pitching spacing and calculations can therefore be based on full-pitches in both directions, without needing to make allowances for clearance between the panels,” Quinlan explains.

Standard OES panels are considerably more cost effective than banded panels and provide added cost and time savings to those customers who commonly cut and fit standard panels on site.