Warnings about burnout are always aimed at the individual. Why is this? Burnout is more often than not an organisational issue. It is all very well assisting employees to deal with stresses related to work, but companies need to start looking at how they contribute to these stresses through applying organisational norms.

Far too often, people are expected to attend meeting after meeting, and spending all this time in meetings – which are often unproductive – leads to an enormous amount of admin work which has to be done. Somehow.

This, together with the increased accessibility because of technology, has led to a situation where organisations expect employees to “always be on”.

I think organisations need to take a fresh look at how they operate.

Perhaps consider scheduling some meeting free days for people so admin can be done during the working day and not after hours? And what about acknowledging that everyone’s time is precious?

That would a move in the correct direction to establish more realistic norms in an organisation.

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